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Jezen is a software developer writing JavaScript and Sass at Vaamo Finanz AG.

  • Everyone can Pentest

    I normally find the thought of penetration testing and software security intimidating, but I don’t think it needs to be this way. I think anyone can and should tinker with systems to test their limits and try to break them. You will at least develop a deeper understanding of how your system works, and if you patch the vulnerability, your system becomes more robust.

  • Better JavaScript Test Fixtures

    Since we spend a relatively large amount of time setting up tests in JavaScript with fixtures, I think it’s worth looking into ways of reducing that pain. Let’s take a look at some markup and explore different ways of writing it for our tests.

  • How to Export Your Facebook Photos

    I recently wanted to close my Facebook account permanently and go back to having the kind of social life where I would primarily contact my friends in person or by telephone. The problem with the pervasiveness of Facebook is that so many of your happy memories are captured in photographs, and none of these photographs belong to you.

  • Dead-Simple Blogging Platform

    I use only a few small and simple tools to power this blog, and it’s the most pleasant development and publishing experience I’ve had. In terms of languages, the development stack is Ruby and a bit of Bash. I use Make as well, but it’s not really a separate language and I use it mostly as a wrapper around my shell scripts.

  • A Better Embedded Map

    Combining page scrolling with map zooming is an annoying and tricky UX problem. Here’s a simple idea that could be a good workaround for both touch and cursor devices.

  • Red, Green, WTF?

    In order to reason about any particular concept, the concept needs to be analysed at a reasonable level of abstraction. Here’s what we’re getting wrong when introducing test-driven JavaScript development.

  • Lazy-Loading AMD Modules

    Modern web-apps run a tonne of JavaScript under the hood. If you’re writing a web-app and you’re not structuring your code into modules, you’ll soon find yourself jostling with a Big Ball of Mud™. This article demonstrates a pattern for writing modular, encapsulated and lazily-loaded JavaScript.

  • Spirograph

    A visualisation experiment in Sass using loops and animation. See the demo, take a peek at the code, and build your own geometric art.

  • Seven Languages

    A series of articles documenting my progress through languages imperative, declarative and functional in Seven Languages in Seven Weeks — a Pragmatic Programmers book by Bruce A. Tate.

  • Arcify

    A recreation of Adam Bachman’s digital artwork in CSS, with added animation. Sharpen your front-end skills by forking my example on CodePen.

  • The Setup

    I spend several hours with my computer most days, so it’s important to identify the tools that keep me productive. Here’s a brief overview of the hardware and software I use to Get Stuff Done™.