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You Think CSS-in-JS is Bad?

Microsoft have announced they will finally terminate Internet Explorer 10 next year.

Good riddance.

However, I am nostalgic for the somewhat masochistic pleasure in finding hacky solutions for old IE versions.

Earlier in my career I figured out that IE7 can be tricked into mimicking the behaviour of the :before and :after CSS pseudo-elements. You think CSS-in-JS is bad? Check this out:

I don’t remember why zoom was relevant, but I do remember why the declaration was prefixed with an asterisk. Any rule prefixed with an asterisk was ignored as invalid by any browser other than IE7. This was a browser bug that many people relied upon at the time. The same bug also existed in IE6, but that browser’s special character was an underscore instead.

Needless to say, it was a horrific state of affairs.

Aren’t you glad that all you have to worry about these days is which over-engineered JavaScript build system you should use?